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Digging out the foundations for the wall
14. Oct 2014 | Wind break for the women’s garden in Herat

After years of struggling with destructive winds in western Afghanistan, building work has now begun on a wall to serve as a wind break for the women’s garden.more

11. Jul 2014 | Shelter Now’s Busy Bees

“Honey is medicine” ... that’s what Afghans are always telling me. Honey is extremely popular in Afghanistan and therefore expensive.more

29. Oct 2013 | Hope for Afghan Widows

It was almost by coincidence that we happened to hear the story of one widow’s private initiative in north-eastern Afghanistan. It’s an encouraging development that we have now begun to support.more

20. Aug 2013 | Kabul Schoolchildren Seek Sponsors

50 girls and 50 boys are keen to continue at our "Helping Hands" elementary school. We’re seeking sponsors to help pay for their education.more

06. Feb 2013 | Flood Victims in Pakistan still in Need

Many of those affected by the terrible flooding back in the summer of 2010 are struggling in the cold winter. Shelter Now is distributing blankets, mattresses, and pillows.more

Displaying results 21 to 25 out of 47