In camps of internally displaced persons and refugees the family income is often not even enough for soap.

Impoverished families also live in cities like Herat and Kabul in Afghanistan as well as in Erbil, Dohuk and Sylaymaniya. The family fathers and male youths are mostly hired as day laborers. Since the outbreak of the corona virus, however, their services have hardly been used. Women and children are usually seen begging in the streets or looking for recyclables in the trash. During the past weeks this was also repeatedly forbidden, so that these families got into special need. Their money is hardly enough for their daily bread, there is not even enough for soap.

For example, Shelter Now distributed hygiene articles in various camps in Kurdistan and Afghanistan as well as in the cities of Erbil, Baadre and Sulaymaniya.

In Herat, Afghanistan, our employees are currently working on distributions, and in Dohuk in northern Iraq in the next few days.

Many families also receive additional food during these distributions and also training in the necessary hygiene measures. One can easily imagine that the safety distances in the camps are hardly to be realized. The imagination of the virus spreading there is terrible.

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