The ethnic group of the “Chalou”, also called “Jat”, leads a shadowy existence in Afghanistan. Chalous are often considered “morally unclean,” or generally dirty or unclean. They have a hard time finding a decent job. Children and women can be seen begging on the main streets, while men collect recyclable garbage or work as day laborers. Under the current pandemic conditions, they have to suffer additionally.

We have been supporting these extremely impoverished people for years. Also now again. We were just able to send a large amount of money to Kabul. Generously supported by the Klaus and Gertraud Conrad Foundation, we are able to distribute flour, cooking oil, beans, rice and tea to all 800 families in a camp in the middle of Kabul city these days. That’s about 5,600 women, men and children who now don’t have to worry about going hungry this winter.