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The name "Shelter" refers to our philosophy: the Christian teaching of loving one's neighbor includes going to the poorest of the poor, giving them food and drink and a roof over their heads. Shelter Now has been involved in humanitarian aid in Afghanistan and Pakistan for nearly 30 years. Our work has ranged from emergency aid for war refugees or earthquake victims in Pakistan to reconstruction in Afghanistan and long-term development projects.

Many of these projects are finished by now. Examples:

Help for hundreds and thousands of victims of the disastrous earthquake in Pakistan in October 2005 with:

  • Distribution of tents, blankets, ovens and food
  • Building of 20 earthquake-resistant scholls

Help for victims of the devastating flood in summer 2010 with:

  • Water cleansing tablets and "LifeSafer Jerrycans"
  • Distribution of household items
  • Distribution of building material for flood-resistant houses

In Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan:

  • Building of thousands of mudhouses
  • soup kitchens
  • Bakeries
  • Ambulances and schools

Reconstruction and development of villages in Afghanistan together with home coming refugees

  • Building and maintenance of 6 concrete factories
  • Building of schools, community centers and small clinics
  • Englisch- and Computercourses
  • Workplace nursery for school teachers

...and many more

Stay updated with our "Shelter Reports"

Our "Shelter Reports" are published quarterly and report on:

  • Relevant news
  • Background Info from Afghanistan and Kurdistan
  • Current projects
  • People in Shelter Now
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