Our educational institutions are closed, other projects continue. The costs as well. We are preparing for a potential crisis in Afghanistan.

The Corona Virus has Afghanistan and Kurdistan as well as our country under control. How do we respond?

Our elementary school in Kabul is closed, and so is the children’s center at Baadre Camp in Kurdistan. The dental clinic in Herat, Afghanistan only treats people in pain, the school dentist project is suspended for the time being. These breaks run for about one month. But just like us here, they don’t know yet what will happen next.

Projects where close interpersonal contact is not necessary are still ongoing, such as the construction of drinking water wells and the supply of the orphanage with food and firewood.

Does this mean that costs are also reduced?

Unfortunately this is not the case: we still have to pay our local staff, for example the teachers. All other fixed costs will not decrease either.

Many people in Afghanistan react very similarly to some here: they buy more to stock up. The consequence is that food prices are rising sharply. As a result, our Afghan employees in Herat received their salary payment two weeks earlier. Our other offices will also react and make a special payment on top of their salaries.

By the way, almost all of our international employees remain in the countries of deployment at their own request – despite the great danger of the expected massive spread of the virus and the lack of medical care.

In addition to inadequate medical care, massive food shortages and further increases in prices can lead to a crisis in the country, especially among poorer families. Therefore, we ask you as our supporters not to reduce your donations, if it is possible for you. Please also pray for Afghanistan and Kurdistan, our staff and our work. We also pray for you.

Many thanks for your loyalty.

Your Udo Stolte
with the Shelter Team