Terrible attack in Kabul on 23rd July 2016.

Over 80 people killed, 231 wounded, some of them seriously. Shelter Now wants to help the survivors.

09. August 2016

Afghan girl - many lost their fathers.

Many cildren lost their fathers in the horrible terror attack.

As a result of this terror attack, many children have lost their fathers.

The brutal bloodbath launched by the IS terrorists not only left many dead but also many wounded. There are also the families of the dead and of the wounded.  In addition to their sadness and their trauma, they now have to worry about their own survival. The medical bills, the loss of income... How can they pay for it all?

Shelter Now has decided to support these people in their need. We want to provide them with the things they need most.

But for that we need funds. If you would like to stand by these people in their time of need, please send your donation to the following


Shelter Now Germany e.V.
Bank: Nord/LB Hannover
IBAN: DE65 2505 0000 0002 5230 58

Please mark your donation: for terror attack victims

If you're located in UK, Holland or Australia, you may use the accounts of the respective offices.


Thousands of people belonging to the Hazara people group demonstrated peacefully in several areas of Kabul on Saturday 23rd July. They wanted an electricity power line to be re-routed through Bamian in central Afghanistan, so it could also supply the region inhabited by the Hazaras. Three IS terrorists had planned and prepared attacks. One of these attacks failed for technical reasons, another attacker was killed by the police before he was able to detonate his explosives, but one bomb - apparently hidden in an ice cream van - exploded.

The official death toll stands at "at least 80", while the number of wounded is said to be between 231 and 260. The organizers of the demonstration put the number of dead and wounded much higher.

The Hazaras are one of the poorest people groups in Afghanistan and as Shiites have repeatedly suffered persecution at the hands of the Sunnis. As the demonstration was mainly - or probably exclusively - attended by men, many families will now be plunged into terrible poverty as a result of this attack. The breadwinners are now no longer around and the widows will need to find a way to provide for their families. We want to help wherever we can.

Some of those killed were known to friends of ours.

We have decided purposely not to publish any of the terrible photos here.