For several months we have been planning to establish a trauma therapy center for liberated IS slaves. How far has this progressed in the meantime?

We have found and rented a very suitable, newly built house. This must now be prepared for the new purpose. Some construction work is still needed, in addition to the furniture, sports equipment, kitchen equipment, games, sewing machines, musical instruments, teaching materials, then various materials for artistic activities, etc. When this step is done, we will need employees with different professional qualifications, psychological, manual, artistic, and others.

Of the 150,000 euros planned for the first two years, we transferred 31,500 euros for this last November. The next payment will probably be due soon. The girls and women are extremely traumatized by years of constant abuse, humiliation, rape by the IS henchmen. We would like to give them all the help we can to give them back their self-esteem, their joy of life and to enable them to live a self-determined life. This is to be achieved through psychological counseling, leisure activities such as sports, art, music, etc., and also through schooling, foreign languages, vocational training.

One year in the therapy center costs about 180 euros for a woman. The project number is 8013.