Shelter Now

Serving the people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kurdistan

The word “Shelter” in our organisational name literally means that—a house, a tent or a refuge. It arises from the command of Jesus that we are to “love our neighbour...” This additionally implies providing food, clothing and drinking water to the poor and needy as well as a roof over their heads. For 35 years we have assisted with humanitarian and developmental assistance in Pakistan and Afghanistan. We have provided emergency relief for war effected refugees as well as those who are victims of earthquakes, floods, drought and other natural disasters. We have provided reconstruction, rehabilitation and long term development co-operation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. For now we closed the work in Pakistan. We started to help the "IS" refugees in North Iraq Kurdistan instead.

Signed, Georg Taubmann, International Director


Giving out hygiene kits to IDPs in Kabul
02. Jun 2020 | We’re giving out hygiene kits to impoverished families in Afghanistan and Kurdistan

In camps for refugees and internally displaced people, very few can afford to buy soap. more

Lessons can be taught at the children’s centre at the moment. But the teachers still need to be paid.
01. Apr 2020 | How are we responding to the coronavirus pandemic?

Our educational institutions are closed, but other projects are continuing – as are the costs. And we’re preparing for a potential crisis in Afghanistan. more

This woman was held as a slave by ISIS for four years. She talked with me for an hour about the worst time of her life.
18. Mar 2020 | Rehabilitation centre for women held in slavery by ISIS militants

For a number of months now, we have been planning a trauma therapy centre for women freed from ISIS slavery. So how is it going? more

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