The new dental clinic

In January 2016 we were able to open the new dental clinic after a lengthy period of preparation. It would be more apt to call it “Training center for dental health". Because we have completely reworked our concept. Working together with the local university, dental students are receiving their practical training here. They previously had no way of doing any practical training.

Germany has 8.5 dentists for every 10,000 residents, in Afghanistan there are less than 0.5 dentists for the same number of residents!

Or put differently:

There’s 1 dentist in Germany for every 1200 residents but 1 dentist in Afghanistan for 20,000!

this reason the Afghan government also set up a new dental faculty in Herat two years ago, which takes on 120 new students every year. The government is aiming to double the number of dentists in Afghanistan within five years, a goal which should be achieved thanks to two new dental faculties – in Herat and in Kunduz. By opening this training clinic, Shelter Now has taken the first step in offering the students practical training opportunities.

A further goal of this project is to offer a dental hygiene program for school children at both state and private schools, and where necessary to allow them to be treated at the clinic.

We are only just beginning and are excited to see this project unfold. It will of course involve considerable cost. If you would like to support us, mark your donation “for the dental clinic” or “Project No. 6510”.

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A few facts:

Equipment at the clinic:

  • 4 treatment units (including one mobile unit)
  • X-ray machine
  • 11 “mini units” for the students’ initial practice phase using dental training models

Planned annual capacity of the dental project:

  • 4'000 school children will receive instruction on dental hygiene and be provided with a “dental hygiene pack”
  • 3'000 school children will receive treatment
  • 2'000 other patients (mostly people with no means to pay a dentist) will receive treatment
  • 120-360 dental students will receive practical training