Building of Schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan

Many students still have to learn outside.

"Please build us schools! We want to learn something!" Many children in Afghanistan long to be able to go to school and learn. The vast majority of Afghans are unable to read or write, this especially applies to women and girls. Shelter Now is building schools for girls and boys...

Especially important: schools for girls

The children and young people learn reading, writing and Math with enthusiasm. Some come together in the afternoons as well, forming voluntary learning groups. The first school that Shelter Now built in the Shamalie area was soon attended by a 1,000 students and became too small. Another problem - there are twice as many boys in the school as girls. The reason for this imbalance is that the girls often have to pass a neighboring village in order to get to the school - and many parents are not prepared to allow that. So we need to build another school just for girls directly in their village.

20 new schools for the earthquake zone in northern Pakistan

At least 70 children lost their life in this school. Photo: Shelter Now

Thousands of schools were destroyed in the devastating earthquake of October 8, 2005. Many schoolchildren were killed, and many others injured. In an ambitious 3-year project, Shelter Now is planning to build around one hundred new schools.

One of 20 earthquake-resistant schools

These schools were built in the districts highly afected districts: Battagream, Mansehra, Kohistan and Kashmere. Many children suffer under physical injuries permanently caused by the quake. Our schools are barrier-free. The handycapped students are especially on our hearts, because in Asian countries, similar to other parts of the world, these are close to the edge of their society and don't have good chances to get a job. But if they receive a good education and vocational training, they will be able to get their own income and have a self-determined life.

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