Helping Hands School in Kabul

"Our" primary school in Kabul

The slide is the most popular playground equipment. But regrettably thus far the only...

Since some years we're also providing body for a school.

In a rather poor area of Kabul we're maintaining a primary school with about 60 girls and 60 boys. Their parents could not afford a private school normally. The teachers are very committed and arrange their lessons more creative than it's done usually in Afghanistan. In most of the schools students learn only by repeating like a choir what the teacher says...

The students of our Helping Hands School come from different ethnic backgrounds. It's great fun to watch the kids learning avidly or playing merrily in the schoolyard.

English lesson
Learn how to write
"I know it! I know it!"
Natural handling of disability.
In search of sponsors

Help the People in Afghanistan and Kurdistan!


The running costs of our school are about US$ 2,200. This is only 21 Bucks per student.

Invest in education of Afghan girls and boys!

Project-No. 6201

Teacher's Day in the Helping Hands School

Children dancing on the Teachers' Day

Twice a year Afghanistan's schools celebrate a"Teachers' Day".