Please build us Schools! We want to Learn Something!

Many children in Afghanistan long to be able to go to school and learn. The vast majority of Afghans are unable to read or write, this especially applies to women and girls. Shelter Now is building schools for girls and boys... 

"Build us schools finally - we wanna learn!" That was the cry that one of our staff members got to hear repeatedly as he said goodbye to the children in a village north of Kabul. It was at a time when he was discussing plans with village elders to build a girls' school. Shelter Now has long been building schools, starting in the refugee camps in Pakistan. Education is a basic human right, that should be available to all children no matter where they live in the world. In Afghanistan it is also vital if the country's fledgling democracy is to be stabilized long-term. The schoolchildren - both girls and boys - are highly motivated. They know that they can only earn money in the future if they have been to school or have had some kind of training. When we ask them what they want to do when they grow up, they often say things like: "Pilot, engineer, doctor, lawyer, university teacher or even President"

Help the People in Afghanistan and Kurdistan!


Country Information about Afghanistan

Map of Afghanistan
Form of Government:Islamic Republic
Inhabitants:30,5 Mio.
Highest Peak:7.485 m
Lifespan:50 years
Average Age:18 years
Illiteracy Men:57%
Illiteracy Women:81,4%
Perinatal Mortality: Highest in the World

(2011/2012 est.)