Orphanage in North Afghanistan

After more than 20 years of war, there are many orphans in Afghanistan. Sometimes they are taken in by close relatives, in keeping with Afghan family culture. But all too often, that isn't possible. Shelter Now supports an orphanage in Faizabad.

since then...


We start to support a public orphanage as the children live under miserable conditions.


The toilets have since been completely renewed with the aid of donations from Germany. But the orphanage still needs our help. There are so many things that need to be improved if the children are to live there without having to worry about unnecessary problems.


The orphanage has since grown to a 100 children and we've now taken on a second house so that the boys can be housed separately from the girls. It is especially important in Afghan culture that the two sexes are kept apart as the children grow older.


More children are coming - the house is too small. The orphanage has to relocate. "Xmas in shoeboxes" presents are distributed in April... A pleasant surprise for the boys.


The Government allows us only the access to the boys' orphanage now - but they need us also. Meanwhile about 150 boys live here.


Help the People in Afghanistan and Kurdistan!


Please support the orphanage!

Project-No.: 6100