Deaf center

Education in Afghanistan is still desperately lacking. The outlook for the disabled is especially bleak. Without an education, they have little chance of finding paid employment. Since 2005, Shelter Now has run an education and training center for the deaf and mute...

Those who are work on improving the standards of education need much patience. The physically handicapped are the most disadvantaged: without any education they have no hope of employment. Since 2005 Shelter Now maintains a Center for the Deaf.

This Center is not only a School.

Class for the Male Students at the Center for the Deaf. Photo: Shelter Now

Although they look the same, in two different classrooms the male and female students are taught separately. The ages range from 8 to around 40 years. They study poetical language and culture. According to their interests and giftings they receive job training and help in finding employment.

Already after a few years there is real progress: the first graduates who have successfully found employment and are able to support themselves financially. The deaf students develop a remarkable level of trust and self-confidence. This is especially obvious with the women and girls. It is a delight to watch them learning in class, and to observe that through such projects it is possible to also „develop“ the worth of a person.

To help one deaf student it costs Shelter Now 43 Euros (US$56) per month.

Help the People in Afghanistan and Kurdistan!


An apprenticeship training position in our Deaf Center is about US$ 2,000 (ca. US$56 per student) per month.

Invest in integration of disabled people in Afghanistan!

Country Information about Afghanistan

Map of Afghanistan
Form of Government:Islamic Republic
Inhabitants:30,5 Mio.
Highest Peak:7.485 m
Lifespan:50 years
Average Age:18 years
Illiteracy Men:57%
Illiteracy Women:81,4%
Perinatal Mortality: Highest in the World

(2011/2012 est.)