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How it all began...

Shelter Now’s Andreas Ziehr visited Erbil in mid October. He tells us about his impressions:

"The church in Ankawa, a Christian suburb of Erbil, is doing a great job. It’s providing for 3,600 families. Most of them ... had to leave everything and flee. The Christians’ houses were plundered and all the churches destroyed.

The suburb of Ankawa has a local population of 70,000 people – and now an additional 50,000 refugees.

Tent cities have appeared in the parks. They are mainly Yezidis, Kakais and Shabak, mostly Muslims.

...the so-called "Mall Camp", a partly built shopping center without doors or windows, is the currently home to 815 people. The wind blows right through the building. Nearly all of them are Christians. Some of them were previously wealthy, with big houses. Now they have lost everything. The people just have no hope. (Andy goes on to tell us about terrible atrocities committed by IS, which I don’t want to repeat.)

UNICEF has set up a program for the children, teaching them in a playful way about how to observe standards of hygiene.”