Sheep and Cows as Microloans

Cows are the livelihood of many village families. During the decades of war many people lost their livestock.

It took us about one year to develop a microloan system that guarantees the back payment of the loans: The village elders elected a "cow commitee" that works volunteerly and is responsible for choosing the families for the loans, the back payment and who's the next family. With this loan of about 500 US$ the family leader buys a cow with a little calf. After one year he has to pay back the money, that goes to the next family afterwards, and so on.

Since the start of this project about 150 families got cows. And these cows have got offspring of course...

The Kuchi People... semi-nomadic. They don't have cows but camels, sheep and goats. During the fife years of heavy drought at the Taliban time they lost 75% of their livestock. Many clans are heavily empoverished since then.

After the same principle like our cow project every family receives a loan to buy 5 ewes, and 3 families get a ram. A special "Sheep Committee" looks after the payback of the microloan and it's revolvement to the next families. It works! Until now about 500 famlies got their sheep. The ones who were the first are now able to live on their herds.


Education for the Kuchi

A Kuchi Boy with his Camel

As travelling people the Kuchi don't have an easy access to education normanlly.

The good relationships to the three clans made it possible for us to teach ladies writing and reading and to finance a teacher and material for the boys and girls. School is done in tents.

If you like to donate to our Kuchi projects:

  • we buy a mother sheep for about US$ 100
  • education for a Kuchi kid is US$ 4 per month