Donate a Well!

Donating a Well - THE Idea!

We can dig a well for about US$ 1,200 onwards. (Without side cost)

It began with a family, who had the idea to present their 3 kids each with a well in Afghanistan. They wired us the money, and we dug 3 wells. On these are now plates with the names of the kids: Salome, Esperanza and Nathanael. The kids are very proud of their "own" well in Afghanistan that gives clean drinking water for hundreds of poor people.

Others picked up this idea, donated a well giving us some words of dedication that's now written on the well.

A good idea for a family, a school class, church or staff...

Donate a well!

Donated wells already in existence...*)


*)  For security reasons the locations are specified only approximately.

Help the People in Afghanistan and Kurdistan!


Country Information about Afghanistan

Map of Afghanistan
Form of Government:Islamic Republic
Inhabitants:34,9 Mio.
Highest Peak:7.492 m
Lifespan:50,6 years
Average Age:19 years
Illiteracy Men:48%
Illiteracy Women:75,8%
Perinatal Mortality: Highest in the World

(2018 est.)