2017 Shelter Now Reports

Shelter Report Spring 2017.pdf (1.36 MB)

Drinking water for refugees - the distribution of filters, Escape from Mosul – refugees give their accounts, Winter aid in Afghanistan, Interesting new plans for our primary school, Sponsored run in May

Shelter Report Summer 2017.pdf (848 KB)

Food distribution to 5,000 impoverished families in the Afghan city of Herat, Aid for thousands of refugees, Birthday celebration at the centre for the deaf in Kabul, In planning: A fascinating new school project!

Shelter Report Autumn 2017 .pdf (892 KB)

Shelter Now co-finances help for syrian refugees, Building a Shelter team in North Iraq, The development of our new school concept in Kabul, The dental clinic in Herat – a success story

Shelter Report Winter 2017englisch.pdf (1.07 MB)

Shelter Now promotes sustainability through various educational projects, Esidian children are allowed to participate in school lessons, displaced persons receive support for the winter again.