2010 - 2013 Shelter Now Reports

Shelter Reports 2013

ReportHerbstengl2013webengl.pdf (1.10 MB)

Wells and fans for flood victims, Widow project in the Northeast of Afghanistan, What´s the latest from the Women´s Garden?, Dental clinic causes sorrows...

Shelter Report Summer 2013.pdf (0.96 MB)

Afghanistan after 2014?, Sponsoring a well is a brilliant idea!, Education – the most sustainable investment in Afghanistan‘s future: Sponsorship for our school children

ReportSpring2013.pdf (908 KB)

The tragic experiences of a family in Afghanistan and the amazing change of fortune, Planning of a long-term project for many orphans in Faisabad

Shelter Reports 2012

Reportwinter2012.pdf (1.05 MB)

Construction of a bridge in Nuristan, A family breathes a sigh of relief - the dentist a blessing, Food distribution for flood victims in Kandahar, Race for heroes in Munich

reportspring2012.pdf (870 KB)

8000 people were enabled to get through the winter because of your generous help, new greenhouse of our agricultural cooperative "Saodat" makes harvesting possible even in january, successful completion of training by the first two dentists in Herat.

reportsummer2012 01.pdf (676 KB)

It has been a long and severe winter in Afghanistan, the projects in Herat, Kabul and Badakshan are doing well, Aid is still needed for the victims of the flood in Pakistan.

shelter report fall 2012.pdf (837 KB)

Latest news about the Garden for Women, Education for Kuchi nomads - a sustainable project, Donations for wells: water and help for thousands.

Shelter Reports 2011

reportwinter2011.pdf (599 KB)

Inspection of the drinking water projects at Shaeva in the middle of the mountainous region of North East Afghanistan, new breeding rams needed for the sheep of the kuchi nomads, boisterous school children at "Teachers Day" in our primary school and the Center for the Blind.

reportspring2011 01.pdf (1.12 MB)

Flashmob in the Braunschweig city center to start the fundraising initiative "Only One Bowl of Rice", Women`s Garden Herat, Celebration to mark the completion of the first houses.

reportsummer2011 01.pdf (764 KB)

Gratitude in Pakistan, new microcredit project with water buffalos, Afghanistan - refugee camps, the blind help the blind, bees, extension of the dental clinic

reportfall2011 01.pdf (781 KB)

Agricultural cooperative "Saodat" and "Garden of Women Project": A start in spite of adversity. Being faithful in little: a mullah turns his back on corruption, "A journey to Afhganistan" at the lutheran children´s Sunday school in BS-Wenden

Shelter Reports 2010

reportwinter2010.pdf (603 KB)

PDF 603 KB, Flood disaster Pakistan: 2. stage has been started - Distribution of kitchen sets and waterpurification filters (so-called jerrycans) Afghanistan: construction of further wells in refugee camp necessary

reportfall2010 01.pdf (543 KB)

The devastating floods in Pakistan have already largely disappeared again from our media. The times we live in are fast moving. However, we continue to focus on those suffering from the effects of the flood disaster. We are endeavoring to help them effectively with all the means at our disposal.