Fruit for the Yezidi Children

We want to supply Yezidy refugee kids with fresh fruit - starting this Christmas and continuing until next summer

17. December 2018

The Yezidy kids receive fresh fruit from Shelter Now.

Fresh fruit for Yezidy kids!

The people group most affected by the IS terror are the Yezidis.

Shelter Now has been working with about 100 families for four years and could assist them in many ways: Food, winter clothes, drinking water, and many more items were distributed by our partners. Moreover, we are now able to provide schooling for the children in the 2nd school year.

Our colleagues on the ground now have a new idea: They want to supply the Yezidi kids with fresh fruits. The project will begin this Christmas, and run until next summer, provided we can collect enough money.

Watch the short video clip here:

Update December 18: The first fruit distribution has been done - the kids are happy (see picture). And so are their parents!