Pakistan drives out Afghan refugees

Nearly 100,000 people have had to return to Afghanistan, where their villages have been destroyed

30. November 2016

This young refugee is grateful for a piece of bread.

In July and August alone, 72,000 refugees returned to the regions of Jalalabad and Laghman. They were originally driven out of their villages in Afghanistan by militants or fled the terror voluntarily, escaping to neighboring Pakistan. Now they are no longer allowed to stay there and have been forced to return to Afghanistan.

But their home villages have been destroyed, they can no longer lives there. So they have gathered as IDPs in camps, where they are living in the most basic, makeshift shelters. Very few are able to find work, and so it is very difficult for them to gain access to food.

We received an emergency appeal to supply at least 250 families (around 1750 people) with food. With the onset of winter, these people fear for their survival. It costs around 15,000 euros – that’s 60 euros per family – for us to cover their basic needs. We hope to at least be able to provide these 250 families with food, and perhaps further families in addition.

If you want to help, please make a donation to project 6000 (emergency and disaster relief). Thank you very much!