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02. Feb 2009 | Ensuring Survival for Internally Displaced People and Earthquake Victims

It may not have attracted international attention as a humanitarian disaster, but for Shelter Now every human life counts. Refugees from Helmand province in southern Afghanistan are currently fighting to survive...more

01. Feb 2009 | Trees of Hope

Trees of Hope This is the name we have given to our fruit plantation training project, which our Herat team is starting up. The harshest winter (2008) in living memory particularly affected this region of Afghanistan, costing...more

01. Jan 2009 | 25 Years of Shelter Now – a Reason to Celebrate?

25 years of intensive work under tough conditions. The extreme suffering of the Afghan people began with the Soviet invasion in 1979. Over 6 million Afghans fled the country, most of them heading to Pakistan. more

01. Jan 2000 | Cow Project for the Hope Villages – the First Cows are Purchased

At a cattle market on the Shamalie Plain, farmers leave with their newly acquired cows, grateful and delighted to have made such a purchase. They head back to their families in the village of Sabz Sang, one of the “Hope Villages”...more

Displaying results 46 to 49 out of 49