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09. Aug 2010 | Shelter Now helps flood victims in Pakistan

The situation in the areas of Pakistan devastated by the flooding is desperate. Shelter Now's Udo Stolte set out for the disaster area at short notice to assess the situation for himself and coordinate possible projects.more

22. Feb 2010 | Saffron as a Substitute for Opium

Saffron, the world's most valuable spice, allows farmers in Afghanistan to build up a new livelihood.more

18. Aug 2009 | Counting Sheep - Microloans for Livestock in Afghanistan

Shelter Now launches fundraising drive in the Braunschweig pedestrian zone The financial crisis has revealed how artificial and unrealistic our financial structures - based on the euro and the dollar - have become. The Kuchis...more

28. Jul 2009 | We've Inherited a School!

It's a nondescript building in a side street somewhere in Kabul City. But for the 100 students that attend this elementary school, its value is immeasurable. more

11. Jul 2009 | The Kuchis - Afghanistan's Nomads

For at least three thousand years, the Kuchis (pronounced “kootchees”’) have led semi-nomadic lives. During the summer they live in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan. In the winter, they move south to lower-lying areas,...more

Displaying results 41 to 45 out of 52