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12. Dec 2012 | >Making ourselves heard<<<

Fundraising campaign for the Deaf Center in Kabul. How often do we complain about noise – the traffic, the neighbors’ 200 watt stereo, airplanes, the non-stop party next door … and long for a little peace and quiet, away from it...more

26. Jun 2012 | Kabul Elementary School to CLOSE??

News from 26.06.2012 After our summer newsletter had already been sent to the printers, we suddenly received word that the organization that has financed our primary school for years is now stopping its support. This has caught...more

11. Jan 2012 | "Look! These people even eat together with us!"

Last month, Shelter Now Germany received a call from Kandahar, desperately seeking help for 600 refugee families from Pakistan to help them survive the winter. We told our supporters about the need for help and publicized it via...more

02. Dec 2011 | Reaping the Rewards - Confidence Boost for Afghan Women

Fruit and vegetable farmers in Afghanistan don’t usually earn very much from selling their produce. Whenever a fruit or vegetable is in season, there’s a glut on the market and the prices are low. But the wives of the farmers who...more

29. Sep 2011 | Sheep project going strong

Thorab is the head of a tribe of Kuchi nomads. For thousands of years, the Kuchi (pronounced Kutshie) have lived as semi-nomads in Afghanistan and the surrounding countries. During summer, they live in mountain regions where...more

Displaying results 26 to 30 out of 47