Donating is fun

Information for donors or those to be

Donating creates new democratic ways for an individual to have influence.

Donors are different, the don‘t just accept the status quo. Through their actions they show awereness and commitment. Their help shows, that they want to change grievance. Donors are the feet of democracy - they move something. They are using the corporate potential for creation. Beyond of elections and political decisions, donors influence the real life.  

The media shows donation scandals mostly at the end of the year. But fortunetly thos are isolated cases facing about 40.000 Non-Governmental Organizations doing great work.  

Giving effectively

Sponsors can help determine the effectiveness of their gifts. If for example you gave $300 in one year and split it between ten different organizations. That would involve administration costs (accounts, issuing and sending a gift receipt, sending out information material) for each area that you designate your gift. By giving to just one organization your gift is processed only one time. By choosing direct debit, administration costs are even lower.