Donating Effectively

Donors have influence on the effectiveness of their contribution. When someone wants to donate e.g. 250 euro anually and is spreading the amount across ten organisations, the bureaucratic procedures (accounting, filling out and mailing the donation receipt, mailing information material) have to be financed ten times. If you donate the entire amount on the other hand, all that only happens one time. If it‘s beeing transferred through direct debit, the administrative costs are even less.

If you would like to donate efficiently, you should keep in mind:  

  • donate continously without appropriation
  • over a long period of time
  • to the same organisation
  • with your full address
  • on the money transfer preferably through direct debit  

The benefits of giving

Explore the possibilities of giving. Help change the world. With Shelter Now Germany e.V., you can liberate individuals from a life of hopelessness and desperation brought about by war and oppression. You, as an individual, have the unique opportunity to make a difference. Make a donation and help us bridge the gap between rich and poor!