Your Gift Will Make a Difference

How your donation is going to help

Millions of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan are looking back on to a life full of fear, horror and misery. A lot of them still suffer from the aftermath of war, banishment and natural disasters.  

Your donation helps relieve the suffering. You are giving people a roof above their head - a new home. You are donating a warm meal, so that those people will make it through a cold winter without the fear of starving or freezing to death.  

At Shelter Now funds are used efficiently. Almost 90 percent of all international resources are going directly into the projects. The projects also benefit from public relations work that we finance, and from unlocking new sources of capital. Thanks to great voluntary commitment, we can keep our administrative expenses exceedingly low. Internationaly they vary between 6 and 7 percent of all Shelter Now expenses. The distinct emphasis on projects, and those need, is the basis of the long lasting, successfull work of Shelter Now in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  

Shelter Now applies your donation effectively. The efficient und projekt-oriented use of resources is being certified by the donation seal of the german institute for social relations (DZI). Since Shelter Now is covering most of the commercial and administrative expenses, this part of the total expenditure in 2010 is adequate by DZI norm. (adequate norm = 10% to under 20%)  

Shelter Now is an international association of sister companies from different countries. Donations and project funds from the individual country are cumulatively beeing spent on the relief projects, so that the support of a lot of individual people is particularly effective.

The Benefits of Giving

Giving empowers people to make necessary changes in the world.

Donors are unique individuals.

  • They refuse to simply accept the status quo.
  • Their actions show that they are aware of the injustices and needs around them and committed to doing something about them.
  • They are the feet of democracy - the people who move things forward.
  • They take advantage of the options at their disposal.
  • Beyond democratic elections and political decision-making, donors impact the lives of real people.

Particularly towards the end of a financial year, it's not uncommon in our Western societies for funding scandals to surface in the media. Fortunately these tend to be isolated cases. In Germany alone there are more than 40,000 non-governmental organizations dedicated to various worthy causes and who, by contrast, demonstrate appropriate use of funds.