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Millions of people in Afghanistan and Kurdistan have spent much of their lives in fear, uncertainty and great need. Many are still suffering from the effects of war or natural disaster and from having to flee their homeland.

Your gift provides help that goes immediately to those who need it the most in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Donations help to provide:

  • A new roof on a damaged home
  • A new home for a family who has lost theirs
  • A hot meal to help a family make it through the winter
  • The opportunity for a child to attend school

A brighter future for two countries that desperately need oneShelter Now is committed to using its funds efficiently. The figures from Shelter Now Germany e.V. show that:

  • Over 80% of the income given directly benefits the aid projects and other similar initiatives
  • Our large number of volunteer staff enables us to keep the Shelter Now administrative costs to just 5%

We have regular independent audits conducted to certify our use of funds and have always received a good report. The German Central Institute for Social Affairs (DZI) in Berlin has awarded Shelter Now the DZI seal of approval for the proper and efficient use of donations.  The DZI is a supervisory body for donation-collecting charities in Germany and is known for the strict criteria it applies in the award of its approval.This approval has been regularly renewed on an annual basis following an extensive examination.

Shelter Now is an international network of sister organizations in various countries. Donations and project funds received from the individual countries are channeled specifically towards the aid projects ensuring that gifts given by individuals around the world are put to optimum use.

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